Boho Home Decor Finds: Decorating With Plants

Freshen up your home by adding in some green - green plants that is! We love a good houseplant set up, but in case you're new to the game or this is your first adventure into displaying plants in your home, check out this guide to Decorating with Plants:
1: Dressing up your space can be as simple as adding a few plants to your shelves. We love accessorizing our Macrame Woven Shelf with plants!
2: Create a mix of indoor-outdoor vibes by bringing in clippings of your favorite plants to hang beautifully in our Hanging Propagating Vases.
3: Okay, so maybe you're more into the neutral look, then you'll love this next idea of using Faux Pampas Grass in tall vases to create a dramatic scene.
4: Upgrade your houseplants instantly by giving them a new home in these ultra sleek Modern Minimalist Hanging Plant Vases.
5: Learn to propagate your favorite plant clippings and display them in our unique Glass Bulb Propagating Set to create a beautiful scene.
What is your favorite way to display houseplants?